UPVC Tilt and Turn Window for House

UPVC Tilt and Turn Window for House

Our company is a professional company with 14 years experience in the filed of windows and doors. The products are made of high quality material and hardware.

Product Details

Why choose good quality sealing strip is very important for a window:

(1)The properties and service life of EPDM rubber seals are similar to those of vulcanized EPDM seals. 

(2) Processing energy consumption is lower than vulcanized EPDM tape (equivalent to PVC). 

(3) It does not contain heavy metals such as halogen and lead, and can be recovered after several years, which meets the requirements of green building materials.

(4) Low specific gravity (only 0.9-0.95) and high window rate. It seems that the purchase unit price is high and the actual use cost is low.

Upvc casement window advantages:

1, Why choose us?

Our company is a professional company with 14 years experience in the filed of windows and doors. The products are made of high quality material and hardware. Tilt and turn windows are alike casement windows but they can be opened in two directions such as opening inward and tilt opening inward from top side to helps air ventilation while the window remains in a semi close state.

2, Glass:

Different glass options are available ,such as frosted glass,tempered glass,laminated glass ,tinted glass,coated glass and low-e glass,5,5+6+5,5+9+5,5+12+5,6+12+6mm etc.


4, Tech Data Shown Below:

1) Acoustical insulation: 36 dB

2) K-value of window: 1. 8 w/ m2. K

3) Wind resistance: 5000 Pa

4) Air permeability: 0. 5 m 3 /h. M

5) Water tightness: 700 Pa

5, Product features:

Stylish and customized design with easily opened,tightly closed,easy assembly,good decorative effect, durable, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant,soundproof,heat insulation  and fireproof,making  the  environment more comfortable and harmonious

6,Payment terms:

a, FOB price, CFR prices and CIF prices.

b, Payment terms: T/T, based on quotation sheet or contract.

7,Cargo quantity in Container:


About 200pcs for window with normal size(1.2mx1.2m)

About 90pcs for Doors with normal size(1.8mx2.2m)


About 420pcs for window with normal size(1.2mx1.2m)

About 200pcs for Doors with normal size(1.8mx2.2m)


About 530pcs for window with normal size(1.2mx1.2m)

About 250pcs for Doors with normal size(1.8mx2.2m)

8,Recommend for:

A). Personal Villa 
B). Housing /Residential
C). Hotel 
D). Construction project 
E). Repaired house 

F). Office

G).Commercial building

9, Projects shows:


10, FAQ:

Q: Are you a Manufacturer factory or a Trading company?

A: 100% factory/ manufacturer of doors & windows. We are factory, Locate in Qingdao, We do professional PVC/UPVC Windows and doors  fourteen years.

Q: Can you accept you OEM or ODM?

A: Yes,We can produce products according to customer’s requirements and accept customized design.

Q: How can we get the best understanding of your windows?

A: First of all, send us your request details, such as sizes and designs.

Secondly, we will give our suggestions on your request details.

Thirdly, we will design you in different equipment with various prices.

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