Anti Noise Tilt and Turn UPVC Windows

Anti Noise Tilt and Turn UPVC Windows

Invisible screen is a screen which can automatically roll back. It is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito control.

Product Details

What is invisible fly net for casement window:

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Invisible screen is a screen which can automatically roll back. It is mainly used for ventilation and mosquito control. The frame is attached to the window frame, pull the screen down when it is used, and the screen will automatically roll back into the net box when it is not used. It does not occupy space and has strong sealing ability. Coordination with high-end home decoration. Working principle of drum type: collecting yarn mesh through drum. Opening mode: manual, electric, chain beads. Opening direction: vertical and horizontal. Operating Principle of Folding: Collect the screen through the folds of the screen (like the accordion).


UPVC double opening casement window
1)  The Member of Australian Window Association and  10 years warranty.
2)  Windows & Doors comply with AS/NZS2047&AS1170.2 Standards
3)  Australian Standards workshop and Audited by AWA and SAIGLOBAL, BV and SGS every year.
4)  More than 15 years of industry experience and 10 years of exporting experience
5)  Glass comply with AS1288-2006, AS/NZS2208-1996,USA ASTME 2190-2 and CE
6)  The member of WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme)

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Upvc tilt and turn window process details:


Production Information:                   

Product No.

 60 Series Upvc Profile Casement Glass Window

Window Profile

Upvc, 2.5mm wall thickness, 1.2mm reinforcement steel inside

Open Style


Open Direction


Frame Material

  Brand Upvc Profile

Window Color

  Customized Color(White,Gray,Dark,Wooden color)

Window Size

  Customized Size and Design Provided

Window Features

  Heat & Sound insulation


  A. 1.2mm U shape Galvanized Steel for windows
            B. 1.4mm for Upvc Doors Series

Glass Option

A. Single glass: 5,6,10,12,15mm Tempered Glass
B. Double glazing: 5+ 6/9/12 +5mm Tempered Glass
C. Laminated glass: 5+ 0.38/0.76/1.52PVB+5mm Tempered Glass
D. Tinted/Reflect Glass/Tempered Glass glass/customized color 

Hardware Choice

A. Made in China
B. Made in Germany (HOPO, ROTO)

Fly Screen

A. Stainless steel security mesh
B. Aluminum security mesh
C. Retractable & invisible fly screen


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