White Frame Clear Glass Sliding Windows

White Frame Clear Glass Sliding Windows

Wooden color has special requests: Quantity should be more than 500 square meters. Wooden film is better to be with 1 side of the profile.

Product Details

Upvc Sliding Window  Advantages:

1,Life long durability, over 30 years for the profile.

2, High weather resistance, even in coastal area and cold temperature.

3, Wind resistance, fire resistance.

4, Sound and noise insulation.

5, UV stability, corrosion resistance, nice extension resistance

6, Water tightness and air tightness


What’s the profile details:

1,Brands types of profile.

Famous brands such as Shide, Conch, Veka.

Common brands profiles, such as henghe and so on.


2, Colors for Upvc profile and Technical data:

common color is white

two color co-extrusion.

wooden skin color profile.

Please note: Wooden color has special requests: Quantity should be more than 500 square meters. Wooden film is better to be with 1 side of the profile.


3, How do we choose window’s materials:


Brands of profile

Profile series


Steel reinforcement

Shide, Conch, Henghe and so on


Crescenet lock, touch locks, handle locks.



*The sizes can be as requested, the above listed are standard sizes.

4, How do we choose Glass :

the glass less than 4mm, if not, it will be easy broken when shipping.

Tempered glass at least 4mm, better to use more than 4mm glass

If you don’t want windows more clear, then you can choose gray glass or tinted glasses.


5, Upvc windows designs:

As for sliding windows, steel reinforcement is not an necessary. Sliding windows can be with or without it.Steel reinforcement is a must for casement windows.


6, Hardware style for upvc sliding widows:

The hardware including sliding wheels, locks.

locks can be crescent lock, touch locks(2 pieces/per windows), handle with transmit.

Protective film/carton protective corner or as requested.

Loading quantity should be up to window’s sizes.

7, How do you get a general prices about the products?

Window’s order quantity. Big orders can get 1-3% discount from materials purchases. We can also give you the best materials optimization.

Window’s designs: more panes will be expensive than common.

Glasses: different thickness glass can make prices different.

With or without steel reinforcement.

8, How do we install the windows:

- First, keep the wall cave surface clean and smooth.

- Second, install the window’s frame, then the window’s sash.

- Inspection all function work well.

- Filled with foam agent, covered silicon glue.

9, More about our company:

We mainly export windows and doors to outdoor markets for projects.

We have been in this line more than 12 years.

Our professional team will supply you the best technical designs.

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