UPVC Sliding Windows with Grills

UPVC Sliding Windows with Grills

Upvc sliding window details: -White upvc frame. -single or double insulating glasses. -decorative grills on the glass to make the window more popular. -mosquito net included.

Product Details

Best choice for Social projects -Upvc sliding windows with grills

Why do we choose this kind of windows?

First of all, this  windows are widely used in Low income social projects windows, low cost value but high level from the appearance.

Secondly grills should be installed between double insulating glasses, in this way, the window’s cost will be increased. Upvc grills take the advantages of this.


What is the difference between top and common grade windows?

Usually there are 3 main types of upvc windows: 

Common upvc Windows, middle type upvc windows and top grade windows. Common type windows with low request on it and single glass is OKfor it. Middle type upvc windows with double insulating glass, top type windows will be more requests on the glasses hardware  and so on.


Window’s requirements:

Please note:common products goes with single glass/crescent lock. middle products goes with double insulating glasses/touch lock. top grade products goes double insulating glass(glass can be different type), high quality hardware.


Glass details:

There are 2 types of glasses: Flat glass and float glasses, for windows and doors adopt float glasses

3mm glass mainly used on the drawings frame.

4-5mm glasses mainly used small sizes windows and doors

6-10 glass mainly used large area opening windows and doors.


Upvc windows designs:

Two panes designs: width from 300-1500mm. Height less than 2400mm.

Three panes designs: width from 1500-3000mm, height less than 2400mm.

Four panes designs: width more than 3000-5000, height less than 2400mm.


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