Double Glazed Side Hinge UPVC Windows

Double Glazed Side Hinge UPVC Windows

The tempered glass can not be cut or processed any more. It can only be processed to the desired shape before tempering and then tempered.

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Defects of tempered glass:

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1. The tempered glass can not be cut or processed any more. It can only be processed to the desired shape before tempering and then tempered.


2. Although the strength of tempered glass is stronger than that of ordinary glass, tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion (self-rupture), while ordinary glass has no possibility of self-explosion.


3. The surface of tempered glass will be uneven (wind spot) and slightly thinner. The reason for thinning is that after melting and softening, the glass is cooled rapidly by strong wind, which makes the crystal gap inside the glass smaller and the pressure larger, so the glass is thinner after tempering than before tempering. Generally, 4-6mm glass is thinned by 0.2-0.8mm after tempering, and 8-20mm glass is thinned by 0.9-1.8mm after tempering. The degree of specificity depends on the equipment, which is also the reason why tempered glass can not be mirror.


4. Flat glass used in building after tempering furnace (physical tempering) will usually be deformed, and the degree of deformation is determined by equipment and technicians. To a certain extent, it affects the decorative effect (except for special needs).


Upvc casement window advantages:

1,Life long durability, over 30 years for the profile.

2, High weather resistance, even in coastal area and cold temperature.

3, Wind resistance, fire resistance.

4, Sound and noise insulation.

5, UV stability, corrosion resistance, nice extension resistance

6, Water tightness and air tightness



High Quality PVC Casement Windows and UPVC Windows   Casement Window 

1. Casement windows are highly customization and can be tailored to suit various styles. Moreover, they are available in an array of frames, which means they can suit several homes.
2. Casement windows are highly energy efficient as they form a tighter seal when closed. In terms of energy efficiency, they are second only to fixed-pane windows.
3. They offer better ventilation and offer excellent air flow when open. These windows are also easier to operate in most cases and can be open the widest compared to all others.
4. Casement Windows tend to look far more attractive when they're open than sliders when open. Casements are also flush with adjacent panes and can be much larger than sliders while still being operable.
5. Casement Windows are also highly secure as the lock is incorporated into the frame, making them difficult to break into. Additionally, these windows are easier to clean since they can be opened to allow access to both sides.

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