Co-Extrusion UPVC Profile Casement Window

Co-Extrusion UPVC Profile Casement Window

Bulletproof glass is actually made of transparent materials that bond together many pieces of glass or high strength organic plates. There are generally three layers of structure:

Product Details

Structure and composition of laminated glass:

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Bulletproof glass is actually made of transparent  materials that bond together many pieces of glass or high strength organic plates. There are generally three layers of structure:


(1) Bearing layer: This layer first withstands impact and breaks down. Generally, glass with large thickness and high strength is used, which can destroy warheads or change the shape of warheads and make them lose the ability to move forward.


(2) Transition layer: Organic material is generally used, which has strong adhesion and good light resistance, can absorb part of impact energy and change the direction of bullet. A very strong and transparent chemical film is sandwiched in the laminated glass. This not only can effectively prevent bullets from firing, but also has the properties of surge shock resistance, explosion resistance, shock resistance and no cracks after impact.

(3) Safety protection layer: This layer is made of high-strength glass or transparent organic material with good elasticity and toughness. It can absorb most of the impact energy and ensure that bullets can not pass through this layer.


Product Detail


1) Outward casement window

2) Inward casement window

Frame Material: 50/60/70 series upvc ; 

Profile color: white, full-color Wood-grain color.


1) vertical hinge+wind brace+handle with driving lock/ single-point lock;

2)friction hinge+handle with driving lock/ single-point lock; domestic or imported like ROTO

Glass: glass thickness range from 4mm to 30mm for three-chamber profile; 5mm to 37mm for five-chamber profile, PVC/aluminium grids are available between insulated glass as decoration. Installation:   by fixing plate/bulge head screw/wing.

Screen: folding screen and rolling-up screen

Sizes: 400mm to 850mm for single sash width; 400mm to 1600mm for single sash height

Characteristics: wide opening space, good sealing effect, elegant appearance and can be used in any construction buildings.(outward casement windows are more suitable for low or middle buildings.)

Corner Welding:

Beautiful welding,45 standards and with steel reinforcement.



Single glass/Double glass/Triple glass/Laminated glass/Tempered glass




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