Single Glazed UPVC Sliding Doors

Single Glazed UPVC Sliding Doors

Colored glass is a special kind of glass, also known as endothermic glass, which can usually block about 50% of the sunlight radiation.

Product Details

Economic style single clear glass upvc sliding doors

Sliding door colors glass description:

Colored glass is a special kind of glass, also known as endothermic glass, which can usually block about 50% of the sunlight radiation. For example, 6 mm blue glass can only penetrate 50% of the solar radiation, while brown and bronze endothermic glass can only penetrate 25% of the solar radiation. Therefore, endothermic glass can not only play the role of heat insulation and dazzling, but also create a beautiful and cool atmosphere. However, it can play the role of sterilization, disinfection, deodorization and other sunshine blocked, it is really worth the loss. Some households install screen windows, whose transmittance is 70%, combined with colorless transparent ordinary glass, the total transmittance is about 60%, which is just right, but if matched with colored heat absorbing glass, its transmittance is only 35%, which will inevitably affect indoor lighting requirements.

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Ordinary glass is colored by adding colorants, including oxides and metals such as gold, silver and copper, to suspend very small particles in the glass. The new technology is to add thin films of different thicknesses on the surface of glass. Because thin films of different thicknesses have different absorb to light waves in different wavelength ranges, the light received by eyes through this kind of glass is mainly in a certain wavelength (color) range.


Products details:

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1). High UV resistance

2). High color fade resistance. Our pvc profile can promise 50 years color fade resistance

3). High impact resistance

4). Have a good arrest toughness

5). Any color are available: Grey, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red and so on.

6). PVC profile suitable of glazing bead for window profile.

Upvc doors handles


1,Materials of windows

Profile can be used 70/80/85mm sery.

Profile standards: Brand profile, standard brand profile

And economic brand profile.

Profile thickness from 1.6mm-2.8mm


2, Colors for Upvc profile and Technical data:

common color is white

two color co-extrusion.

wooden skin color profile.

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General review all the details of Upvc sliding door

Product Name

PVC(UPVC) sliding door


Available in various colors, sizes, shapes and   designs, customized   According to the client’s specific requirement.


Profile information

Material: UPVC
Brand: CONCH,SHIDE. any other profile brand .Series: 60mm, 70mm,80mm,88mm,95mm for PVC window.
60mm, 80mm, 95mm for PVC   door
Profile Wall thickness: 2.0mm~2.5mm
   Color: Any color for your choice

Glass   option

Hollow glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, Low-E   glass, floated glass, reflective glass
single glazing /double glazing /triple glazing
Single : 4/5/6mm
Double: 4/5/6mm+6/9A+4/5/6mm
Any other glass thickness according to customer’s   requirements.


Handle, lock, sealing strip, friction hinge,etc.
Brand: Top Chinese brand , Germany brand and   any other brands.

Steel reinforcement


Mosquito netting

Metal and nylon material

   Opening type



Painting, Double color extrusion


Air bubble film + wooden strip; Only air bubble film   package for the same size with big quantity to reduce the cost.



   Applicable place

Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings and   Government Buildings etc.

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