What Are The Categories Of Sliding Door Tracks

- Mar 03, 2019-

In order to save the space and area of the house, consumers are more and more inclined to push and pull the door. They not only play a role in decorating the house, but also virtually save the space of the house.  When it comes to sliding doors, the core part is the sliding door track. Only after the sliding door track is installed can the sliding door be used normally.

 At present, the popular sliding door tracks mainly include double sliding door tracks, single sliding door tracks and rotating tracks in the axial direction.  It is mainly because the number and style of door panels that consumers choose are different that the tracks are divided into different types. Sliding doors have unique advantages that consumers like very much.  In different kinds of sliding doors, the rotation track in the axial direction occupies the smallest space, but they also have some inevitable influences.  Their sealing performance is not very good and they are generally not used in doors close to the outside world.