Sunshine Room Should Pay Attention To Energy Saving And Heat Insulation In Summer

- Mar 17, 2019-

Sunlight House originated in Europe and America, is an energy-saving and environment-friendly intelligent building, also known as "glass house" in China.  Sunlight rooms can be built on terraces of duplex buildings, top floors of buildings, villas, private courtyards and tourist sites, and can be personalized according to the surrounding environment.

Kejiu Sunshine Room is divided into steel structure sunshine room, aluminum alloy structure sunshine room, wood structure sunshine room, composite structure sunshine room, etc. Because of its better interior decoration, higher energy saving effect and natural attribute of returning to nature, wood structure and composite structure sunshine room have won the favor of consumers.  From the use function can be divided into ordinary type, leisure type, functional type three.  Ordinary sunshine houses are mostly used as floret houses to raise flowers, birds, fish and insects.  Leisure sunshine rooms are larger than ordinary ones and have better structural facilities. They are more suitable for duplex buildings, penthouses, villas and private courtyards.  Functional sunshine houses are complex sunshine houses.  This type of design and construction has relatively high technical standards. It can be specially used for such spaces as guest rooms, small restaurants, study rooms or children's recreation rooms.

The sunlight room is characterized by an all-glass structure, so it must have excellent thermal insulation and radiation protection.  High-performance hollow Low-e glass and vacuum glass greatly reduce the transfer of internal and external heat and effectively prevent the radiation of sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

As an upscale leisure facility, there are some requirements for daily use and maintenance: try to avoid frequent opening;  It is best to carry out self-maintenance once a year.  Regularly polish and wax the lubricating oil on hardware, adhesive strip care solution, wood paint surface protection, etc. to ensure that the material structure will not affect the tightness due to deformation.

According to customer's requirements, designers usually set up opening fans on the facade of the sunshine house to realize effective ventilation.  This requires that the sunshine house must have excellent sealing performance to ensure no water seepage at the top and opening parts.  Therefore, scientific system design and material quality determine the overall performance of the sunshine house.

As consumers, it is impossible to master very professional knowledge in a short period of time, so when purchasing, people should focus on understanding the manufacturer's qualification, brand, after-sales service and inspection reports of major materials.  At the same time, there are some small tricks to judge: look at the materials, mainly look at the components of the material, assembly quality, appearance effect; Second, look at the structure, carefully check the tightness and stability of the structure;  Three look at hardware, hardware brands and handles, fasteners, connectors, etc.;  Fourth, look at the glass, check the glass material, specifications and specific performance indicators.