Sunshine Room Common Sense How To Customize Comfortable Sunshine Room

- Mar 01, 2019-

Sunlight rooms can be built in private gardens on the first floor, rooftops, top floors of buildings, private houses, etc.  Because the room needs lighting and ventilation and has a good sealing effect, the facade and top of the sunshine room are mostly composed of openable doors and windows. The quality of the doors and windows determines the success of the construction of the sunshine room.

According to the above characteristics of the sunshine house, when planning and building the basic knowledge of the sunshine house, the overall appearance and structure of the sunshine house with different uses should depend on the constraints of the surrounding environment and places before making the corresponding planning scheme.

The varieties of sunshine houses can be divided into two types according to their construction features: those on the top platform of apartments or those in the courtyard of low-rise and low-density residences such as private houses.

Considering the constraints of building appearance and the convenience of top cleaning and maintenance, the knowledge planning needs of sunshine rooms in two directions are quite different.

From the practical point of view, it can be divided into three types: ordinary type, leisure type and functional type.

Ordinary sunshine houses are mostly used as floret houses to raise flowers, plants, fish and insects.  Due to better lighting and ventilation, this place is very suitable for the livelihood and growth of sunny plants.

Leisure sunshine rooms are classified as mid-range sunshine rooms.  This type of sunshine house is larger than the ordinary one and has much better construction facilities. It is very suitable for private courtyard use.  With exquisite sunshade curtains, the open window can be turned into a recreation room, which can be filled with recreational and leisure articles such as card tables and fitness equipment.  At night in summer, you can still lie on a leisure chair and look up at the stars.

Functional sunshine room sunshine room professional knowledge attributed to the sunshine room.  This type of planning and construction has relatively high technical standards. It is called functional because it can be specially used for special spaces such as guest rooms, small restaurants, study rooms or children's entertainment rooms.  Because it is built with high technical standards, there is no need to worry that the house's own doubts will affect its special application.

The whole composition of basic knowledge training for sunshine room: there are three parts: wall, roof and frameless balcony window.

Some wall structures are formed by splicing rectangular aluminum alloy materials with different standards according to the planning.  The roof plane is a "#" structural plan.  Used for installing glass roof.  Rectangular aluminum alloy profiles are selected for the four corners to be used as upright posts, which are fixed with rivet bolts and expansion bolts for support. The bearing weight of each cross beam and cross section is about 10kg, so the support strength of all structures meets the planning requirements.

Some roofs use 6*6*1 laminated glass with a total thickness of 13mm as the material for auxiliary installation (other standard glasses, such as hollow tempered glass, hot bent tempered glass, glass covered with plastic film, etc., can also be selected according to practical requirements). Its characteristics are light weight, high strength and good safety function by using laminated glass.  Even if the roof is broken by accident, it will never hurt people because of broken glass.  Therefore, the safety is incomparable.  The leakproof seal of the roof adopts relatively advanced manufacturing technology.  Its leakproof function and weatherability are very good.  It is assembled by splicing several pieces of glass.  Besides, the weight can be spread evenly, which can not only ensure the safety of the whole roof structure, but also facilitate repair and replacement.  6-8mm toughened glass (hollow toughened glass, etc. can also be selected), which is convenient for users to select.