Six Standards Of Windows And Doors When You Design

- Aug 08, 2019-

  1. window's sill height

    In general residential buildings, the height of window sill should be no less than 0.9m. When the height of window sill is less than 0.8m, protective measures should be taken. In public buildings, the height of windowsill varies from 1.0 m to 1.8 m, and the bottom height of the windowsill which opens to the public corridor should not be less than 2.0 M.

  2. window's height

    In general residential buildings, the height of windows is 1.5m, and the height of windowsills is 0.9m, the distance between the top of windows and the floor is 2.4m. The height of windows should be determined according to the requirements of lighting, ventilation and spatial image, but attention should be paid to the problem of excessive stiffness of windows, and when necessary, beams or diaphragms should be added. In public buildings, the height of the whole glass has exceeded 7.2m, which is no longer within the scope of ordinary windows.

  3. window's wideth

    The window width generally starts at 0.6m. According to the stipulation of the building standard entrance code, the width modulus of the general building entrance is 300mm, that is, the general width is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and so on. It should be noted that when the window is too wide, the vertical keel or "diaphragm" should be installed. Whether or not, the stiffness of the window is easy to occur.

  4. door's height

    The height of the door for people to pass is not less than 2 m, and no higher than 2.4 M. Otherwise, it has a sense of void, and the production of the door fan needs to be strengthened. If the shape, ventilation, lighting needs, you can add waist windows on the door, its height from 0.4m, but it should not be too high.

    The height of doors for vehicles or equipment should be 0.3-0.5m higher than that of vehicles or equipment, so as to avoid collision of doorframes when vehicles need to be moved by cushion drums due to bumps or equipment. As for the clearance requirements for all kinds of vehicles, the corresponding specifications should be consulted.

    If a large-scale and large-space building such as a stadium or exhibition hall needs to set up super-scale doors, it is possible to add conventional-sized accessory doors on the front door for people to pass when the door does not need to be opened.

    Nowadays, there are many checking doors for pipe wells of various equipment in buildings, which are not often passed, so the upper frame height is generally equal to or lower than the ordinary doors, and there are still thresholds with the same height as the kick line below. The net height of the checking doors need not be limited to about 2 m and 1.5 m.

  5. door's wideth

    General residential apartment has 0.9-1 m door, 0.8-0.9 m door, 0.8 m kitchen door and 0.7-0.8 m toilet door. Because of the consideration of modern furniture moving in, the upper limit size is taken now.

    The door width of public buildings is generally 1 m for single door and 1.2-1.8 m for double doors. The manufacture of the door should be considered when the door width is wider. The suitable width of the door for double doors or multiple doors is 0.6-1.0 M.

    The width of hotel room door is general-ge; 0.9m, toilet door-ge; 0.75mThe width of the flat door for safe evacuation shall be set according to the calculation and specification (relevant fire protection specification). The width of the door for pipeline well maintenance is generally 0.6m. In addition to its own width, only 0.3-0.5m void is left on each side of the door for motor vehicles or equipment to pass through.

  6. Maintenance of doors and windows

    Dust on doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep windows and doors and glass, hardware clean and bright. If the doors and windows contaminated with oil stains and other difficult to clean things, it is best not to use strong acid or strong alkali solution for cleaning, otherwise it will not only easily damage the surface finish of profiles, but also damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of hardware and lead to corrosion of hardware.