Low Carbon And Environmental Protection Will Become A New Trend In The Future Development Of Doors And Windows.

- Mar 18, 2019-

The color of colored doors and windows mainly comes from profiles. In the past, the profiles of doors and windows were mainly white or primary colors.  Nowadays, architectural decoration styles are becoming more and more diverse, and the original color of profiles is difficult to meet people's needs, so color profiles came into being.  Whether it is energy-saving aluminum doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, wood-aluminum composite doors and windows, the demand for color products is obviously more prosperous.

Energy-saving aluminum doors and windows, which have been popularized due to their remarkable energy-saving and heat-insulating effects, have shown an obvious trend of colorization in recent years.  A dealer in northeast China said that in Chengdu, where the aluminum door and window market is well developed, color 65 series doors and windows are basically out of stock.  According to the person in charge of the Yagao door and window market, in recent years, the production process of energy-saving aluminum door and window color profiles has been continuously improved, with two-color coextrusion, film coating, spraying, thermal transfer and other technical processes, making doors and windows have more diverse textures and rich colors.

Aluminum door and window system adopts aluminum alloy color profile and steel-plastic coextrusion color profile, which not only has good energy saving, heat insulation, heat preservation, shockproof and sound insulation performance, but also is beautiful and atmospheric, and can reflect the characteristics of buildings.  Reporters recently saw residential buildings under construction at the shihuabo county real estate project site near Beijing's north fifth ring road. on the renderings, the colors of the buildings are very bright, with golden cornices and silvery white wall skirts ... all colors add radiance and grace to each other.  Among various architectural elements, the blue glass doors and windows seem to be the finishing touch, making the building appear more flexible, and creating a warm and elegant atmosphere through careful design and combination with other elements.