Kejiu Windows And Doors-Sunlight Room Let Sunlight Shine Into Atrium

- Mar 16, 2019-

Kejiu Windows and Doors Sunshine Room is the perfect place for you to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery, read books, meet friends and even sleep during the day.  The roof made of glass is full of flowers and plants in the room. Although the city is now shrouded in smog, it makes people feel comfortable to think of a beautiful sunshine room.

In fact, light is the most important element of our human existence and the origin and foundation of life. When implementing our Kejiu Sunshine Room with Windows and Doors, when designing our products, we fully considered the needs of people living in the room for light. Later we will talk about the characteristics of the project products, and we have also made a great design for light.

The plants in the sunshine room release oxygen under the action of light and light. We also hope that it can bring our owners a good living condition and expectation in the future!