Information In Square Inches Five Little Knowledge Of Door And Window Decoration, 99% Of People Don't Know

- Mar 06, 2019-

In an era of rapid development, the door and window industry has a low threshold and the good and bad products are intermingled, causing unnecessary troubles to many end consumers. Comparing doors and windows is not a quick-release product. When making mistakes, it will bring many unnecessary troubles and even losses to itself.  I have compiled a set of basic knowledge of doors and windows for everyone on today's topic, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

 1. It is better to replace the doors and windows before opening the window.

 Because the process of opening windows will destroy indoor and outdoor walls, it is best to replace the doors and windows before the next renovation.  It is suggested that high-quality brand doors and windows should be selected when decorating doors and windows, because the quality of door and window profiles will determine the grade, tightness and aging resistance of the whole door and window.

 2, choose and buy precision and strength of doors and windows

 It is suggested to go to the formal building materials market, especially some inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows, the thickness of steel is not up to standard, even there is a gap between glass and door frame, and other hardware fittings are also poor.

 3. Why do doors and windows turn yellow

 The appearance of some plastic doors and windows is too white or gray, which indicates that the stable components in the materials are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow over time.

 4. Inspection

 Whether the hardware is flexible and smooth, the lower part of the sliding window frame should have an aluminum slide rail to facilitate its replacement, and the middle of the sealing wool top of the window sash should have a fixing piece, which is the key to the sealing performance of the sliding window.

 5. Installation of doors and windows

 Foam glue shall be filled between the window frame and the wall body, and the inside and outside of the window frame shall be sealed with silicon copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage.  Remember, users should remove the protective film after installation, which can prolong the service life of doors and windows.