Future Development Of Doors And Windows: Profile Gradually Develops To Environmental Protection And Energy Saving

- Mar 11, 2019-

At the two sessions on the development of green building materials industry, the members of the conference have all issued appeals: to speed up the development of green building materials, to eliminate backward technology products, and to speed up the entry of door and window profiles into this ranks.

In the face of the international energy crisis, energy conservation and environmental protection are becoming increasingly urgent for us. Everyone is responsible for energy conservation and environmental protection.  At present, in European and American countries, building energy consumption accounts for 43% of the total social energy consumption, while China accounts for 40%.  However, the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for 45%-50% of the building energy consumption and 15%-20% of the total social energy consumption. It can be seen that the level of energy consumption of doors and windows is of vital importance to the total building energy consumption.

Judging from the current change of materials used in doors and windows, many door and window enterprises are now developing towards wood profiles, aluminum alloy profiles, plastic profiles, aluminum-plastic composite profiles and wood-plastic composite profiles. The ultimate goal is to produce profiles with less energy consumption and pollution.  At this stage, the common aluminum alloy profile and PVC profile are the most widely used profiles in general door and window enterprises. These two profiles consume a lot of energy when applied to buildings.  In order to reduce energy consumption, door and window enterprises will improve the production materials of door and window profiles.  Make full use of composite profiles to reduce energy loss.  Therefore, increasing and improving the production technology of door and window profiles will be the development direction of door and window profiles and also meet the development requirements of the national green profile industry.