Four Standards For Selecting High-end Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows

- Mar 13, 2019-

After nearly 30 years of development, aluminum alloy doors and windows have gradually replaced plastic steel doors and windows and become the leading products of doors and windows.  It is far-fetched to say that aluminum alloy doors and windows are "high-grade products".  Because of its strong metal characteristics, there is still a big gap with the matching of high-grade furniture products, coupled with the favor of human beings for "wood", aluminum-wood composite doors and windows have gradually become the new favorite in the high-grade door and window market.  Nowadays, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows can be seen in villas, hotels, upscale clubs and other occasions.  So, how do you choose high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows?

First, the product surface quality affects the appearance

The quality of the surface of doors and windows will directly affect the overall installation effect, so attention should be paid to the following aspects to check the surface quality of doors and windows:

1, doors and Windows decoration surface should not have obvious damage, the protective film on the surface of the doors and Windows should not have scratch marks.

2, doors and Windows on the adjacent component coloring surface should not have obvious color difference.

3, doors and Windows surface should not have aluminium scrap, burr, oil spot or other stains;  There should be no overflowing adhesive at the assembly joint;  There should not be too many nail holes exposed to affect the appearance.  In response, Li dong also made a simple analysis of the peja door and window products. the peja door and window colors are rosewood and local luxury gold, bright and bright, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling. the main raw materials of the products are imported materials, with exquisite formula, coupled with imported extruders and dies, to produce fine, uniform and smooth profiles.

Second, the smaller the product size deviation, the better

Aluminum alloy door and window products will have a qualified range of dimensional deviation, with the smallest dimensional deviation as well.  Beyond the scope, it is a non-qualified product.  For example, there are standard provisions that the width and height of the door and window frame notch should be ≤2000mm, and its allowable deviation range is ±1.0mm;  The perpendicularity of the front and side surfaces of the door and window frame (including the materials for splicing) is ≤2000mm, and the allowable deviation range is ≤2.0mm, etc.

Three, the material needs to meet the requirements of five aspects

Aluminum alloy doors and windows products mainly have 5 requirements in terms of materials and materials:

1. Thickness: There are 75 series, 88 series, 103 series and 120 series aluminum alloy sliding doors (the number of series indicates the number of millimeters of thickness and structural dimension of door frame), and 88 series aluminum alloy sliding doors in residential buildings can be used.  For aluminum alloy sliding windows, there are 50 series, 55 series, 70 series, 76 series, 118 series, 130 series and so on, which should be determined according to the size of the window hole and the local wind pressure value. Among them, aluminum alloy sliding windows used as closed balconies should not be less than 55 series.

2. Strength: The tensile strength shall reach 157 Newton per square millimeter and the yield strength shall reach 108 Newton per square millimeter.  When purchasing, you can bend the profile with your hands properly, which is an excellent product that can be restored after you let go.

3. Flatness: When checking the surface of aluminum alloy profile, there should be no sag or bulge.

4. Glossiness: aluminum alloy doors and windows should avoid purchasing profiles with obvious defects such as open bubbles (white dots) and ash (black dots) on the surface, cracks, burrs, peeling, etc.

5. Oxidation degree: the thickness of oxide film should reach 10 microns.  When purchasing, you can scratch the profile surface lightly to see if the oxide film on its surface can be wiped off.

Four, aluminum alloy doors and Windows components connected firmly

In terms of components, the components of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be firmly connected, and Paya doors and windows also have advantages in this respect.