Four Key Points You Can't Ignore In Distinguishing Profile Of Sunshine Room

- Mar 19, 2019-

1. The construction of the sunlight room depends on the materials used first. The aluminum profile used in a good sunlight room shall conform to the relevant national standards in terms of thickness, strength and oxide film. The wall thickness of the aluminum profile in the sunlight room shall be 1.8mm-5mm, with at least a yield strength of 108 Newton per square millimeter, a tensile strength of 157 Newton per square millimeter and an oxide film thickness of 10 microns.  For those that do not meet the above standards, they must be inferior sunlight room profiles, so owners are requested to choose carefully.

2. Secondly, the fineness of profile processing and professional technical ability of sunshine house manufacturers are the key points for owners to consider. Only when good profiles are matched with good manufacturers and professional production and installation workers can "good horses match good saddles".  The sunshine house needs fine processing and professional technical installation to ensure its good sealing and safety performance.  On the other hand, technicians blindly choose aluminum profiles series and specifications, and the processing is rough and shoddy, and even saw cutting is used instead of milling. The installation and construction personnel do not carry out the installation as required, thus the sunshine house produced has poor sealing performance and safety performance.  Can't effectively block the wind and rain, serious may also make the glass burst, if encounter strong winds and external forces, easy to sunshine room facade sliding doors and Windows or glass scraping or touch down, damage is small, hurt family, its worry!

3. Thirdly, I would like to talk about the price problem that owners are generally concerned about. Under normal circumstances, the price of a good sunshine house must be about 30% higher than that of a poor sunshine house due to its high production cost.  The tensile strength and yield strength of some sunshine houses made of aluminum profiles with a thickness of only 1.2-2.0 mm are far lower than the relevant national standards and regulations, which makes their use unsafe.  Therefore, as the saying goes, "every penny counts", owners should choose good profiles and never covet a little cheaper.

4. Finally, the owners must choose the products of formal sunshine house manufacturers. Failure to process and produce sunshine houses according to the standard will lead to endless troubles.

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