Fake And Inferior Products Lead To Trust Crisis In Door And Window Industry

- Mar 14, 2019-

At present, it is an indisputable fact that the market in the door and window industry is in chaos.  The development of door and window enterprises in this environment is extremely unfavorable regardless of the serious homogenization phenomenon or the prevalence of imitation and plagiarism.  In the door and window industry, which is already maturing, if enterprises want to develop in the long run, they still need to exercise self-discipline in the direction of fraud and plagiarism.

Product Falsification Hinders Long-term Development of Door and Window Enterprises

On the surface, most dealers in the building materials industry are "exclusive" and only one manufacturer's products are displayed in the store.  In fact, this is not the case. People in the industry know all about the dealer's practices. Under the banner of the manufacturer, they secretly find some small processing plants to produce fake products on the spot. What's more, they completely clone a factory, solicit business with the manufacturer's brand and sell all fake products.

In order to maximize benefits, some door and window manufacturers cut corners as much as possible in the production process, using shoddy goods to produce fake products at a cost lower than the real one. Due to asymmetric information between producers and consumers, the fake products produced are not easy to be discovered by consumers, and can be sold in the market as the real one, thus obtaining higher-than-normal profits.

Product Fraud Brings Trust Crisis to the Whole Door and Window Industry

In fact, counterfeiting is a common brand faced by all manufacturers in the door and window industry. Products lack individual characteristics and are easy to be counterfeited. Manufacturers can effectively solve this thorny problem only by making more efforts in technology and anti-counterfeiting labels.  For door and window enterprises, fake sales leave not only causes serious losses to the profits of the manufacturers, but also greatly reduces the brand image.  In the end, the manufacturers have to bear the consequences for the illegal acts of the dealers. For the whole door and window industry, fraud will definitely bring a crisis of trust.  It can be seen that manufacturers must take effective solutions to safeguard their brands and the interests of consumers.

Doors and Windows enterprises should have "ID cards" for their products, so that each end customer can inquire about the product identity, and manufacturers can also check the purchase status of each end customer. Manufacturers should inform consumers of the system through publicity so as to prevent dealers from ignoring the rules and regulations of the manufacturers.  As an important link, dealers should also be honest and not make false propaganda.  Only through the joint maintenance and supervision of manufacturers and merchants can fraud be effectively controlled and the whole door and window industry develop healthily and orderly.

Therefore, in the face of this crisis, door and window enterprises need to start from themselves to avoid the negative impact of market chaos. Only by standardizing their own development from the source can they eradicate the occurrence of chaos.  In the face of this trust crisis, door and window enterprises still need to regulate themselves.