Environmental Protection Idea Should Be Practised In Transformation Of Door And Window Enterprises

- Mar 04, 2019-

In recent years, the price of wood raw materials has continued to rise.  In the whole country and even the whole world, the amount of timber cut is limited.  And the country also actively advocates enterprises to take the road of green environmental protection from the policy.  As a traditional industry, wooden door industry should change its extensive development mode, take an intensive development path, and actively practice the concept of environmental protection.

Environmental Protection is the Inevitable Choice for Wooden Door Enterprises

As we all know, decoration and newly purchased wooden door products are easy to release formaldehyde and other harmful substances, which inevitably cause indoor environmental problems. The implementation of the new environmental protection law also regulates the production of wooden door products from a policy perspective, so that environmental protection wooden doors are "worthy of the name".  Indeed, as the survival crisis approaches, all countries in the world are paying more attention to the development of low-carbon economy. As an industrial country, China still lacks environmental protection.

 As far as China's wooden door industry is concerned, many enterprises have adopted an extensive development mode for many years. At present, when the environmental carrying capacity has reached or is close to the upper limit, the implementation of a new mode of green and low-carbon circular development has become an inevitable choice.  Industry insiders believe that it is the inevitable choice for all wooden door enterprises to promote the transformation of wooden door industry from a resource-saving and energy-saving type to a resource-saving and environment-friendly type, and to take the road of green production and green consumption.

Environmental Protection Concept Should Be Incorporated into Wooden Door Design

In fact, in recent years, many wooden door enterprises are making efforts in environmental protection products to minimize the indoor environmental problems caused by decoration and products. Industry insiders said, "This is the obligatory social responsibility of wooden door enterprises. Wooden door enterprises must also use transformation to deal with the major issues that affect the survival of mankind."  Smog, PM2.5, global warming and other environmental problems are bothering us. Sustainable green consumption will become the trend of development, and low-carbon environmental protection products will become the most popular products among consumers.  However, if wooden door enterprises want to achieve great development, they still need to make more efforts to truly understand the demands of consumers, to deepen the concept of "environmental protection" into product design, and to provide consumers with real environmental protection products.