Doors And Windows Dealers' Service Is Key In Decoration Season

- Mar 10, 2019-

Gold, nine and silver, ten, in these two months, is the so-called decoration season, at this time, to attract customers is "service", because all building materials in these two months have promotional activities to attract consumers.  Only by doing a good job of service and poking at the pain points of customers, that is the king's way.

Services are divided into pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.  In pre-sales, many dealers have done something that is free measurement, free design and so on. These are the preconditions for doing a good job in post-sales service. Now they have become a kind of "deserved service", but there is nothing special about them.  Then what kind of service will make consumers shine at the moment?  This is a high-tech era, and everything can be realized through high technology. For example, the IPAD purchasing guide system introduced by Yidun Windows and Doors, DIY, can take an IPAD to a consumer's home to take a real-life picture and then choose to put it into the real-life picture according to the color, style, glass style and so on that the consumer likes, so as to really see the effect.  This service completely solved the customer's worries about the poor effect and what it looks like to pretend.

The pre-sale service is ready. What about the in-sale service?  In the consumer will like their products to the dealer to place an order, will buy fake goods, the goods period will be how long, etc. (because some of the products are promised by the head of the mouth without proof).  This process is also a concern of consumers.  So how do manufacturers address the concerns of customers and dealers? The WeChat Checklist, launched by Yidun Windows and Doors at the end of 14, only needs to pay attention to the public number of Yidun Windows and Doors, then enter your name and contact information to know where the goods are produced and whether they are genuine.  This has greatly reduced the work of dealers and the worries of consumers.