Do Not Blindly Differentiate Between Online And Offline Channels Of Doors And Windows

- Mar 08, 2019-

Product positioning is the first step of "electric shock" for doors and windows.

At present, the main consumer group of e-commerce is the young people of the post-80s and post-90s. Enterprises should follow the consumer orientation and understand what consumers want in order to make products better. Young people know young people best.  "The e-commerce industry is developing too fast, especially the strong intervention of the mobile Internet, which makes us often have to innovate product design and marketing promotion."  This is what a person in charge of a door and window enterprise said.

For the transformation of traditional enterprises into e-commerce development, industry professionals have given many opinions and "electric shock" enterprises have accumulated a lot of experience.  However, there is no denying that how to solve the contradiction between online and offline is still a difficult problem for door and window enterprises to enter e-commerce.  E-commerce and traditional sales channels belong to two different fields. The former relies on online network media while the latter relies on offline market.  The difference in the market also determines the inconsistency between e-commerce and the target consumer groups faced by traditional sales channels.  Therefore, targeting the target group and positioning the products are the first step on the road to e-commerce.

Doors and Windows cannot be blindly differentiated on and off the line.

Following the path of traditional sales channels under the line, most of the customers facing are enterprise customers, and the products are mainly sold to home stores, building materials cities, etc.  Through e-commerce channels, most of the customers are post-80s and post-90s individual consumers.  The difference between the target consumer groups determines that the sales products cannot be generalized.

When the vested interests of offline agents and distributors are lost, dealers will inevitably boycott online products, causing conflicts between online and offline.  For door and window enterprises, how to deal with online and offline pricing is inevitable and must be solved.  And "product differentiation" is only one of the means.

At present, some door and window enterprises will choose "another way" to completely solve the conflicts and conflicts between online and offline products of the same model, and take the brand differentiation route, that is, to create a brand new brand that is only sold online, so as to distinguish it from the original brand offline.  However, the specific effect is not clear.