Custom Doors And Windows Must Be Based On Common Sense, Homework Must Be Done Before Decoration.

- Mar 05, 2019-

The quality of doors and windows is very important, because we will continue to use them. Some people spend a lot of money but fail to buy real and ideal "windows", while others spend only a few hundred yuan less, which is far from the ideal "doors" in mind. Therefore, they must understand clearly before purchasing doors and windows.  Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

I. Price Components and Differences Analysis of Doors and Windows

A, material differences, a penny a goods

Aluminum profiles: there are price differences among brands of profiles from first, second and third line manufacturers;  Hardware: there are original imported, joint venture, domestic hardware price difference between high school and low quality, according to the investment contrapuntal selection.  Glass: divided into three glasses, double glasses and single glasses according to the number of layers;  According to tempering, it is divided into double-sided tempering, single-sided tempering and non-tempering.  The double glass hollow is separated by 5+15A+5, 5+12A+5, 5+9A+5;  Three glasses have 5+9A+5+9A+5, 5+6A+5+6A+5;  Use glue: glass glue, sealing glue, foaming glue, pay attention to whether it is environment-friendly and weather-resistant products.

B, doors and windows manufacturers have different positioning and different costs.

Market positioning: various enterprises have different pricing methods and management levels with their own resources, human, financial and material factors.

Equipment difference: For example, the double-head saw is divided into precision numerical control digital display type and common processing type, and the length error value is several times different;  If the hardware lock is equipped with a special punching machine, some use a hand drill to replace the

square hole with a large round hole, which cannot be fixed after a long period of slack, and other differences must be understood after comparison by the factory.

Second, what is required for accurate quotation of doors and windows

For details, please refer to the design and construction drawings of doors and windows, door and window tables and design requirements of doors and windows. Calculate the amount of engineering materials, opening method, positioning of accessories, gauze fan, glass and other factors, and calculate the accurate unit price per square meter by computer.  (The price of doors and windows for the broken bridge aluminum project ranges from 1,200 yuan per square meter in 500 yuan. Only after calculation can the exact price be quoted.)