Application Of Dimming Glass Doors And Windows In Real Life

- Mar 09, 2019-

[china glass Network] With the development of human society and the continuous improvement of architectural design concepts, modern buildings have put forward unprecedented new requirements in terms of resource utilization, energy conservation, environmental coordination, intelligent control and health benefits. Modern office and living environments increasingly need space with dual functions of openness and privacy.  How much do you know about intelligent dimming glass?  Fu Linmen Intelligent Doors and Windows Give You a Brief Introduction:

First, the principle:

Intelligent dimming glass is formed by firmly bonding a dimming film between two pieces of ordinary float glass through an interlayer intermediate film by using the existing dry laminated glass production process.

II. Characteristics:

Because the laminated glass production process is adopted, the intelligent dimming glass simultaneously has the characteristics of "transparent when powered on, opaque when powered off" and various characteristics of laminated glass.  Transparent when powered on and opaque when powered off: this feature is mainly due to the "electro-optic effect" of liquid crystals in the dimming film.  More specifically, there is a kind of liquid crystal molecules (PDLC), which are scattered and become frosted under the condition of no electricity supply.  When the electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are instantly aligned in a line, and then the state presented is instantly transparent.  This is the magic of dimming glass.

III. Safety:

The film in the intelligent dimming glass firmly bonds the glass, so that when the intelligent dimming glass is impacted and broken, glass fragments adhere to the film in the middle, and no glass fragments splash and hurt people.

Four, environmental protection characteristics:

The dimming film and film in the middle of the intelligent dimming glass can shield over 90% of infrared rays and over 99% of ultraviolet rays.  Shielding infrared rays can reduce heat radiation and transmission;  Shielding ultraviolet rays can protect indoor furnishings from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation, and protect personnel from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet radiation.

Five, sound insulation characteristics:

The dimming film and film in the middle of the intelligent dimming glass have sound damping effect and can effectively block various noises.

Simply put, if you have such a glass, you can freely change the permeability and adjust the performance according to the occasion, mood and functional requirements.

As a scientific and technological product, where can dimming glass be applied?  Fu Linmen Intelligent Doors and Windows, here is a brief summary for everyone:

I. Application in Business Field:

1. curtain action

In a transparent state, background decorative pictures can be displayed, or used as glass walls of conference rooms.  The opaque state can replace the imaging curtain and has the characteristic of clearer picture.  In this way, the function monopoly situation of the traditional cement wall surface is broken and multiple functions are realized.

2, space partition effect

Even in a large office area, being separated by several walls or frosted glass will appear narrow and suffocating, all of which adopt transparent glass design and lack business confidentiality. At this time, you really need a glass material that can adjust the transparent luminosity to solve your worries. When the conference room is free, it can be adjusted to a full-light transparent state. When conducting business negotiations, the entire negotiation area can be completely blurred from the surrounding eyes as long as you move gently.

II. Residential Application (Wide Vision & Private Space)

1. External Settings

Balcony floating windows plus dimming glass can revolutionize the poor privacy of buildings that can be seen by people like Lin Li.  Under normal circumstances, adjust to a transparent state to maintain bright lighting.  At random, in order to maintain a sense of security, it can be adjusted to an opaque state, but there is still sunshine to be close to, killing two birds with one stone.  It is also suitable for toilet and shower.

2, indoor space partition

Using dimming glass to separate rooms, improving the spatial layout and increasing the freedom of light adjustment will achieve unexpected results.

3. Small Home Theater Curtain (Leisure Personal Space)

The principle is the same as that of the business projection curtain.

III. Application of Medical Institutions

Can replace the curtain, has the functions of shielding and blocking, is solid and safe, has sound insulation and impurity removal, has the advantages of environmental protection, cleanness and less pollution, removes worries for patients and troubles for doctors.

Four, shopping malls bank anti-theft application

In the bulletproof glass and display case glass of counters in the jewelry and museum and exhibition industries of banks, they are kept transparent during normal operation and application. In case of emergency, remote control can be used to instantly reach a fuzzy state, thus making criminals lose their targets and ensuring personal and property safety to the greatest extent.

In addition, dimming glass can also be applied to commercial entertainment, aviation and navigation, railway transportation, shop windows, other key national facilities and other fields.