Three Mistakes in Joining Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows

- Apr 13, 2019-

Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchisees blindly chose brands to join the alliance due to their lack of understanding of the industry at the early stage when there was a large amount of sand washing in the industry.  However, only in the course of operation did the franchisee know that there was nothing to show for it, and the franchisee would either choose to re-select the products or go out in a dim light.  Nowadays, the aluminum alloy door and window industry is both highly competitive and chaotic, making many novice franchisees confused by the industry's cover-up. So what mistakes should aluminum alloy door and window franchisees avoid when joining?

First, low-priced products are more competitive in the market

The aluminum alloy door and window industry is constantly experiencing price wars due to bad competition, resulting in lower and lower product prices.  In order to gain more benefits, franchisees also believe that the lower the product price, the more competitive it will be.  However, this is not the case. As economic consumption continues to rise, low-priced products are unable to attract consumers' attention. They place more emphasis on brands. Nowadays, brands are the key to competition in the industry. Consumers rely more on high-priced brand products than low-priced aluminum alloy door and window products.

Myth 2: The larger the factory area, the more secure it will be.

Many aluminum alloy door and window franchisees believe that the larger the factory that chooses the product brand, the stronger it will be.  In fact, this cannot be used as a judgment standard. Compared with large-scale production bases, what matters is whether the production is regular, whether the technology is in place and whether it meets the national standards.  What should be investigated is whether the output and quality of the factory meet the national product quality standards and environmental protection standards.  If you want to have good products, you need to have perfect production equipment and quality control, which is the key. It is not the factory size or the guarantee of strength.

Myth 3: The more awards you win, the better brand you will be.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchisees will certainly do market research before joining. Without knowing any premise, if they want to judge the quality of a brand, they will judge it according to the number of awards won by the manufacturer.  The more awards a brand receives, the stronger it will be.  It is normal to think like this, but I'm sorry to tell you that this is wrong. In fact, many awards have no gold content. They are used to deceive simple consumers. Money makes the mare go in this era.  It is easy to win the prize.