The seemingly simple sunshine house is actually full of articles.

- Apr 15, 2019-

Many people think that the sunshine house looks very simple, it is just a combination of glass and frame, and has no technical content. In fact, this understanding is too shallow.  In fact, the technology of the sunshine house is complicated. If many details are not handled well, the technical requirements of the sunshine house cannot be met at all.  The sunshine house is called the sunshine garden. It is a living place with very artistic beauty. It gives people a beautiful and warm feeling and is a high-grade artwork highly praised by the door and window industry.  The technology of sunlight room is more complex, not only considering the performance of heat preservation, lighting, strength, waterproof and sound insulation, but also considering the artistic beauty of sunlight room. It is a unique product.

Concept of Sunshine Room

The concept of sunshine house originated in England and is called winter garden. It has very romantic and warm cultural symbols and represents people's spiritual habitat.  The sunlight room is like a palace made of glass, with a very luxurious and elegant artistic feeling. Don't look at the sunlight room as simple as this. It not only contains multi-cultural elements, but also has complicated technical content. This is why most door and window enterprises are willing to invest in the research and development of sunlight room.

Thermal Insulation Performance of Sunshine Room

The heat preservation and heat insulation performance, waterproof and mosquito prevention performance of the sunlight room all contain complicated technical factors. Let's talk about the sealing performance of the sunlight room first. The sealing of the sunlight room strictly follows the relevant standards.  For example, the gaps between the glass and the frame, the gaps between the glass and the glass, the expansion joints between the material and the wall and other key points shall be sealed according to relevant standards.  Let's talk about the frame material of the sunshine house. The bridge-breaking aluminum, which is currently popular in the sunshine house material, is naturally the first choice for its good thermal insulation performance. In addition, the application of hollow glass, the strict waterproof of the wall and the drainage of the sunshine house, etc., any detail may affect the performance of the sunshine house.

To sum up, the technical aspects to be considered in the sunshine house are very complicated, and it is not a simple glass house.  Sunlight room has a strong artistic sense and excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. It is a green and environment-friendly living place and is more and more loved by the public. I believe that the sunlight room will have a wider development in the future.