System Windows and Doors from Production Research and Development to User Experience

- Apr 03, 2019-

In our country, the proportion of building energy consumption in the total energy consumption of the whole society is increasing, and building energy conservation has attracted more and more attention of the society.  Many enterprises, such as doors and windows, hardware, profiles, sealing materials and so on, have invested capital and energy in developing system doors and windows.  Data show that the proportion of system doors and windows used in developed countries has reached 70% of the total, while in our country, system doors and windows only account for about 0.5% of the total, and the vast majority are high energy consumption plastic steel and ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows.  Social attention and low penetration rate mean huge market potential.

[Policy Orientation] Approval for the Project of "Technical Guidelines for Doors and Windows of Building Systems"

Recently, china construction metal structure association obtained the qualification to set up a project of "Report on Application for Writing Technical Guidelines for Doors and Windows of Building Systems".  In order to standardize the design, production, technical requirements, evaluation and certification of door and window systems of building systems, and to provide technical support for the revision of relevant standards, after research, it is agreed to establish a project to compile the Technical Guidelines for Door and Window Systems of Building Systems.

[Producer] Producers of System Doors and Windows Should Take Service as Leading

Producers should break away from the sales-oriented marketing thinking and take service as the leading factor.  Producer is an integrated service platform, which provides full service to users. Users only need to get intuitive or perfect door and window system solutions at the producer.

[Material Dealer] Function of Sealant in System Door and Window Glass

The application of silicone sealants in building door and window system mainly includes three aspects: secondary sealing of hollow glass, weatherproof sealing and waterproof weatherproof sealing of doors and windows.  The quality of silicone sealants not only affects the safety of the whole building's doors, windows and curtain wall structure, but also affects whether the building meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Hollow glass hollow glass unit has outstanding thermal insulation performance and is an important material to improve the energy-saving level of doors and windows. In recent years, it has been widely used in buildings.  The drying gas in the hollow glass makes the hollow glass have the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, condensation prevention, reduction of cold radiation and enhancement of glass safety.

In the two seals of hollow glass structure, the first seal is to ensure low water vapor permeability, and hot melt butyl rubber is generally used.  The function of the second sealant is to ensure the structural integrity of the glass unit-silicone sealants is generally selected.  If it is hollow glass for structural assembly, silicone structural sealant must be selected.  Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate silicone rubber according to practical needs when selecting silicone rubber products.

[Vendors] Provide users with intuitive solutions for door and window products

Starting from the whole industry chain, vendors only need to provide users with intuitive product solutions for door and window systems.  Users can also intuitively understand the quality of the final products, services, quality assurance and other information he has obtained.  Professional system door and window companies are responsible for the procurement of materials, equipment processing, hole processing, processing preparation and other links that are not easily understood or tracked by users.  In this way, in the final sales process, the seller only needs to obtain the system door and window products with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service from the system door and window company.  The manufacturer (system door and window company) can be directly responsible for users and sellers as a professional, while its professional personnel and technical equipment ensure that the expected effect can be achieved from the procurement from the material supplier in the early stage to the product quality in the later stage, thus enabling the manufacturer, seller and user to achieve the triple win result.

[Technical Installation Viewpoint] Doors and Windows shall be installed strictly in accordance with industry standards and specifications

System door and window processing should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of industry standards and specifications, to ensure that door and window products will not produce individual differences;

1, aluminum alloy doors and windows construction processing should be a design and processing drawings;

2, aluminum alloy profile brand, section size, hardware and connectors, etc. should have unified standards and comply with the design requirements of doors and windows;

3, doors and windows open door glass should be completed in the factory assembly, fixed part of the glass can be assembled after the scene;

During the installation and construction, it is agreed that attention should be paid to adopting advanced installation and construction methods.

1. The aluminum alloy doors and windows project does not adopt the construction method of installing at the same time or installing first and then installing at the same time.

2. Aluminum alloy doors and windows should be installed by dry method.

3. Before construction, the size of the hole of building doors and windows should be checked to ensure that the deviation is within the allowable range;

4. Check the assembly quality and appearance quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows. If any deformation, looseness or damage is found, timely repair shall be carried out.

 The technical characteristics and construction methods of system doors and windows should adopt a criterion, which can control the unity of technology, material preparation and construction methods during a series of technological activities and production and processing activities from the feed source to the product formation, and the product quality will have greater advantages over the processing and manufacturing of general doors and windows, facilitating the unified maintenance of door and window products in the later period.

[User Purchase] Material, Processing, Performance, Appearance, Price, Reputation

1. Materials: aluminum profile, glass and hardware have a good understanding of the three materials;

2. Processing: Most doors and windows are installed manually by workers, which requires operators to have good product quality awareness.

3. Performance: The performance of doors and windows has different emphases due to different application scope, but usually the following aspects should be considered: strength, which is mainly reflected in the selection of materials for door and window profiles, whether he can withstand ultra-high pressure;  Air tightness is mainly reflected in the structure of doors and windows, whether the inner and outer frames of doors and windows are tight and whether the doors and windows are tight.

4. Appearance: Pay attention to the performance of doors and windows while paying attention to appearance.

5. Price: Because the price of doors and windows is directly related to the price of aluminum ingots, but the price of doors and windows is relatively stable in a certain period of time. Under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality doors and windows is 30% higher than that of low-quality doors and windows. Low-quality doors and windows usually use recycled aluminum extruded aluminum profiles containing a large amount of impurities. Some of the aluminum profiles used have a wall thickness of only 0.6-0.8mm, which is much lower than the relevant state regulations in terms of tensile strength and yield. Such doors and windows are very unsafe. Therefore, owners should not underestimate the temporary low price when purchasing products.

6. Reputation: It is also very important to pay attention to the reputation and service quality of merchants when choosing.  Here we can test it in three ways: first, try our best to choose manufacturers with good brand reputation. The Wooden Door Professional Committee of China Timber Circulation Association held a wooden door industry conference in Beijing. The conference selected the top 30 wooden door enterprises in China through strict investigation.  These manufacturers are more standard in scale, product quality and service system.  Two, through the inspection to see whether the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer is complete and true against the relevant industry standards.  Three, pay attention to by looking at the door lock hole parts of the internal material before installation, for the final check.  We can't go to the factory to see how to do it. Only when we consider the brand with high reputation, good faith and good benefits can we be guaranteed.  We believe that it is reasonable to buy one item at a price.