How do door and window manufacturers improve the loyalty of franchisees?

- Apr 12, 2019-

The reshuffle speed of door and window industry is accelerating, and the competition between door and window manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce, both in terms of products and brands. The rise of new players in the door and window industry has led to an over-expansion of the market space for doors and windows.  Doors and Windows manufacturers are constantly expanding their joining teams to seize more profits.  However, when excavating franchisees, there is a constant loss of original franchisee resources. How can door and window manufacturers improve the loyalty of franchisees?

The loss of door and window manufacturers' franchisees is also gradually serious. Now the competition in the industry is so fierce. For the sake of profits, franchisees all like have it both ways, think that one mountain is better than another, and all like to change brands from time to time to operate.  There is also the manufacturer's policy of "ignoring" the franchisee and chilling it.  Doors and Windows manufacturers are as enthusiastic as fire when inviting merchants, holding them in their hands to avoid breaking and holding them in their mouths to avoid melting.  But when the alliance was successful, many door and window manufacturers turned a blind eye to the franchisee.  This has led to frequent loss of franchisees, causing headaches for door and window manufacturers.

Door and window franchisees basically have little combat experience, and most of them are novice entrepreneurs who lack experience in management.  Therefore, in the initial stage of confusion, manufacturers need to provide support, so door and window manufacturers can, according to their understanding of the market situation for many years, sum up their management experience and grant it to headquarters managers, so that they can one-on-one help franchisees to establish a scientific management system, improve the management level of franchisees to the team, and give timely help to enable door and window franchisees to have a sense of belonging to the manufacturers, so that door and window franchisees will not easily choose other partners.

The door and window manufacturers shall, in addition to providing the franchisee with help in operation and management, carry out a series of training and teaching on the professional knowledge of employees' products, sales knowledge, external publicity and management, and even installation service skills, so that the terminal stores can continuously improve themselves and can continue to produce in the fierce door and window industry.  In this way, franchisees will continue to rely on manufacturers, so that they will not have the idea of changing brands, strengthening franchisees' loyalty to door and window manufacturers.