How do door and window enterprises create a distinctive brand image?

- Apr 01, 2019-

In recent years, the door and window industry has developed rapidly, the scale of development continues to expand, and competition among industries is fierce.  Whether it is an enterprise or a product, if you want more people to understand it, you must establish a brand image that attracts people's attention.  The so-called brand image refers to the personality characteristics of the brand in the market and in the eyes of the public. It reflects the public, especially consumers' cognition and evaluation of the brand.  Brand image is the external characteristic of a brand and the face of the brand. At the same time, it also reflects the essence and strength of the brand.  If commodity producers can create a brand image that is loved by consumers, they can greatly increase their intangible assets and enhance their competitiveness in market competition.

In an increasingly competitive environment in the door and window market, how to create an excellent brand image of door and window is the key to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise's own products in the market, and is also the focus of attention of enterprises.  Consumers first consider the brand of doors and windows, as well as the contents of doors and windows, enterprise strength, door and window quality and after-sales service system behind the brand.  In the environment of rapid development of science and technology and serious homogenization of products, hardware indexes such as technology and quality have been difficult to independently support excellent brand image, and more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to brand image packaging.

So, how should the door and window enterprises create their own distinctive brand image?

First, raise the corporate brand image to a strategic awareness level.  Reshaping brand awareness and correcting brand cognition.  Abandoning the traditional wrong cognition, the shaping of brand image is not merely advertising, but the value embodiment of enterprise culture.  Many enterprises, in order to enter the market, spend money like dirt, wage large-scale advertising campaigns, ignore brand strategy and launch one wrong campaign after another until they die of exhaustion.  The implementation of brand strategy focuses on enabling customers to know the products and culture of the enterprise, establishing a good corporate brand image and cultivating public awareness and loyalty.

Second, optimize brand design.  Brand design is visual communication based on the enterprise's own positioning and brand positioning.  Not only should all the elements of brand identification be carefully planned and designed, but also the elements should be coordinated to form a complete brand identification system and produce the best design effect.  Consumers usually start to contact products from the appearance of the brand. Individual brand vision can attract customers' eyes and let consumers' eyes stay on the products, thus promoting further understanding of the products and enhancing their purchase motivation.  In fact, no matter which industry, brand building is to win the eyes of the group and the market, so as to curious about products, to use products, and finally to rely on products.

Third, based on reality, adjust measures to local conditions.  Enterprises should base their brand image on their own reality, and do not use advanced management methods and successful methods of other enterprises in brand image for reference.  Every enterprise has its own characteristics, just as everyone's success cannot be copied, so can the way in which the enterprise image is shaped.  On the basis of absorbing other people's successful experiences, we can develop our own brand image according to our own enterprise conditions and in a way that is based on actual conditions.

 Fourth, formulate a reasonable brand development plan.  Just as "one must have immediate worries if one has no long-term plan for the development of the brand image of an enterprise", it will also cause the enterprise to fall into difficulties.  Brand image is an important issue that can affect the life and death of an enterprise. If an enterprise wants to develop in the long run and is not eliminated in the fierce market competition, high-quality products are very important. Under the social background of "good wine is also afraid of deep alley", brand image has become another aspect.  This requires enterprises to formulate scientific and reasonable brand image-building plans in the process of development.  In order to adapt to environmental changes, a dynamic enterprise is always in constant development.  However, the corporate image cannot follow suit according to the actual situation of the enterprise. If the corporate image is changeable, it cannot be known by the majority of customer groups.  Therefore, in shaping the corporate image, the enterprise should fully consider the development direction of the industry and the enterprise, find a practical starting point between the reality and the future, and position the development of the corporate brand image once and for all. The formulation of the brand image-building plan should follow the principle of "having a long-term vision but not a long-term vision". After accurate positioning, we should vigorously build a good corporate brand image according to the established plan.

Fifth, establish brand quality and perfect service system.  Quality is the cornerstone of a brand. The most obvious characteristic of all well-known brands is good quality. Public opinion surveys show that most Chinese believe that famous brands are good quality products.  In addition to establishing brand quality, perfect service is also an important means to build a brand image.  Perfect services include pre-sales research, data collection, opinions collection, consultation, samples, publicity, attitude, etc. during sales, post-sales maintenance, installation, training, etc.  Haier Group, a well-known manufacturer in China, has won the favor of many consumers for its perfect service, making it develop from a small local enterprise into a big national brand.  This is the impact of good service. Therefore, we should pay attention to the important role of establishing brand quality and perfecting service system in shaping a good brand image of enterprises.

The whole process of an enterprise brand from newborn to heyday to final decline and extinction is that the enterprise is operating from beginning to end, shaping its own brand, making it let consumers be loyal to itself for a longer time, winning the trust of consumers for a longer time, thus standing out in the fierce market competition, achieving its own brand empire and standing on top of the mountains forever!