Swing Outward Aluminum Casement Window

Swing Outward Aluminum Casement Window

Powder coating supports Anti-corrosion, in the wet, salt spray, acid rain, corrosion, mildew, not insects.

Product Details

Swing outward Cheap Aluminum casement window

Product Information

Window Type

Aluminum casement window

Opening style


Frame Material



Multiple-choices color




A. Aluminum alloy, 6063-T5, can be thermal break
B. Wall thickness: 1.4, 1.51.8, 2.0mm, can be customized 
C. Surface treatment: anodized, electrophoresis, powder coated, color can be customized


A. Made in China B. Made in Germany C. Customized

Fly screen

A. Stainless steel security mesh
B. Aluminum security mesh
C. Fiberglass fly screen
D. Retractable & invisible fly screen

image004 image002

Performance of Main Features:

1) Powder coating supports Anti-corrosion, in the wet, salt spray, acid rain, corrosion, mildew, not insects.
2)The shape and size are stable, not loose, no deformation.
3)With self-flame retardant, will not burn.
4)Beautiful appearance, strong texture, rich colors, easy to scrub clean.
5)Using lightweight and flexible, impact resistance, no sound when the switch.
6)Basically no maintenance, no paint, low cost of use.
7)Air tightness, water tightness, etc. is much better than steel, wooden doors and windows, generally higher than their 2-3 levels.

Aluminum profile color reference chart:


General Procedure:

Inquiry ----> Drawing ----> Mould confirmation ----> Sample confirmation ----> Batch order ----> Quality Testing ---->  Shipment

Composition of Aluminum Alloy:


image010 image012


The structure of a typical casement window details:


The hardware of the aluminum casement windows:


Options Part


Available in 5/8” standard or 1-1/16” sculptured aluminum profiles sealed between panes.  can make a window and doors more visually interesting and match other architectural elements of your home 


Insect screens will let light and air in while keeping critters out. There are fiberglass,304 stainless steel material,can sliding ,invisible,folding opening . 


Glass options are available in 1” overall insulating units, clear,tinted, reflective, obscure and Low-E glass. Special safety glass options are available upon request.

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